Richie Keene joined KWA Construction as Vice President of Operations in March 2013. Richie is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all KWA projects, including purchasing, profit and loss management, client and vendor relations, scheduling, process and procedural guidelines and safety management, as well as employee development, training and retention.

Richie is intimately involved in all projects, visiting each jobsite monthly to ensure the quality and speed of construction, monitoring and reviewing costs throughout the duration of the project.

With more than 30 years of construction industry experience, Richie perfectly completes the KWA Construction executive team. Having in-depth management experience within the multi-family construction segment, he also has an extensive background in other construction areas, including commercial, healthcare, resorts and HUD projects.

Prior to KWA, Richie served as vice president of multi-family operations at several respected construction groups, including Panattoni Construction in Dallas, Texas, Key Construction in Fort Worth, Texas, and Centex Destination Properties-East, in Orlando, Florida. He also served in estimating and project management roles at MAPP Construction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, CDI Contractors in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Centex Construction in Dallas, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the University of Louisiana.

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