Multifamily Construction

The KWA Construction team brings decades of both multifamily and commercial experience to every project. Our portfolio includes a broad range of multifamily projects.


KWA Construction, we believe the key to making informed decisions about the scope and cost of a project is proper estimating and budgeting analysis. KWA has made significant investments in both technology and training to assure accurate and uniform estimates for all our projects.
KWA can also assist you with the following services:

  • Detailed Cost Analysis including conceptual, preliminary, and bid.
  • Coordinating Plan Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Green Initiatives
  • Pre-Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Permit Expediting

Project Management

At KWA, we understand that the management of the project is pivotal to its ultimate success. We are continually working to identify efficiencies and improve our management practices. Our management teams utilize forward-thinking, technologically advanced project management solutions to ensure that each project is run effectively and communications among all involved parties are streamlined to provide the most up to date information possible at all times.


KWA works closely with all of our clients to formulate realistic construction schedules that will meet all critical path milestones. We use technology-based solutions to closely monitor construction progress, and help identify potential problems so that we may respond quickly to minimize any delays.

Green Building

KWA Construction is dedicated to assisting our clients in building sustainable communities that are energy efficient, sustainable and affordable. We are active members of Green Built Texas and welcome any opportunity to help a project become LEED® certified.

FHA / HUD Development

A is well versed in HUD developments and the specific documentation requirements associated with HUD projects. We have found that engaging our services from the inception of the project provides our clients with the benefits of:

  • Earlier insight into HUD desires vs. the needs of the developer
  • Identification of potential construction issues
  • Enhanced management of construction costs

In addition, KWA has specific internal procedures in place to deal with Davis-Bacon wage reporting requirements, as well as the audited cost certification upon project completion.