Construction Industry Lends a Hand to Help the Hungry

Normally when the topic of hunger or starvation is mentioned, minds race to impoverished, developing countries overseas. It may come as a surprise that nearly 14 percent of households in America are food insecure, meaning these homes lack access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food. With help from companies like KWA Construction, Architecture Demarest and the Society for Design Administration (SDA), we’re helping those in need who may live right next door.

For 19 years, SDA has hosted a competition in more than 150 cities across the world called CANstruction. Architecture and construction firms from all over the globe compete in local competitions by creating larger-than-life exhibits made up completely of canned goods. Following each competition, all the cans used are donated to a local food bank or donation center to combat hunger in local neighborhoods.

This year was our first time to participate in Dallas’ CANstruction competition. Our financial donation to Architecture Demarest, a leading Dallas firm that specializes in student and multifamily housing, allowed the firm to go above and beyond for its design, as well as increased its contribution to SDA.

Over the years, the Dallas CANstruction event has quickly become one of the most popular and successful local competitions. In 2014, the city ranked just behind Chicago for the most food donated with 103,776 pounds contributed. This year’s Dallas exhibit was a popular attraction at the State Fair of Texas. Following the event, all of the cans used were given to the North Texas Food Bank. More than 30 companies competed for the coveted title of “People’s Choice,” the only category voted on by the people for their overall favorite design. With so many reputable firms involved, the competition supplied a great deal of help to those suffering from hunger in the DFW area.

As SDA continues to advocate against hunger in America, the chances of knowing someone suffering from food insecurity has become a harsh realization. Thanks to Architecture Demarest’s participation and asking us to be involved, along with the other firms competing in this year’s event, SDA is able to continue helping the 45 million Americans suffering from food insecurity.

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*Featured image: Iakov Filimonov /