Earning the Occupancy of our Team’s Hearts

One of the most romantic days of the year is upon us once again, and millions of people are racing to buy last-minute roses, chocolates and jewelry for their significant other. Yes, the feeling of love is surely great to have for your special someone, but what about for your career? We asked our team members what they love most about working for KWA Construction; here’s what they had to say:

“KWA culture believes in sound, moral character with an emphasis on doing the right thing. Employees are empowered to be decision makers and build strong quality relationships both internally and externally.”

“The culture at KWA should be envied by other companies/organizations as personal development, flexibility, family values and fun are at the epicenter of KWA’s company values. Not everyone gets the privilege of being able to work doing what they love, but since most of us find ourselves having to earn a living, then we should seek employment with a company that we love working for – and KWA is that company for me.”

“KWA didn’t just offer me a career, they also offered me a second family of sorts. You become part of a team where everyone is valued.”

“I cannot imagine working for a different company, ever again. I love this company, its leadership and everything it stands for.”

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