Improving Construction Efficiency and Productivity with Technology

A look back over the course of time will show that advancements in technology have improved productivity in various manners and industries. Government industry data indicates an increase in productivity between 1976 and 2004 related to investments in equipment and material technology available at the time.

However, one could argue that the technology available to the construction industry is largely underutilized, resulting in stunted growth of productivity and efficiency. Is your company using technology to manage and complete projects? Here are a few reasons we leverage technology to improve efficiency:

  1. Using labor and cost data generated by technology, project managers can make informed decisions about the project.
  2. Project managers, superintendents and staff can use technology to collaborate on projects, improving communication and productivity.
  3. Project managers can better meet documentation and compliance requirements on time and accurately with technology, reducing potential for penalties and saving time.
  4. Real-time collection processes combined with technology ensures contractors are making informed decisions based on current information towards project success.
  5. Benchmarks related to each project, created using project management technology, help provide a baseline to measure how our company compares to other construction companies.
  6. Sophisticated technology allows us to establish new processes or update existing ones.
  7. Cloud-based technologies allow us real-time access to key project data.

Of course, integrating new technology into your company’s process is only a small portion of the equation. In order to see a return on your investment, new technology must be used effectively by employees to generate the best results in improved productivity and efficiency. For example, purchasing tablets for every employee in an attempt to improve communication company-wide will be ineffective if the employees do not change their communication behaviors. Instead, consider making specific technologies available to select groups who will maximize usage, and you will likely see a greater return.