KWA Celebrates 10 Years!

One of the most enlightening books that I read after founding KWA was The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber. In the book, Gerber discusses why some small businesses thrive and some reasons behind why others don’t work. He states that 40 percent of small businesses fail within the first year; 80 percent fail within the first 5 years; and of the 5 percent that survive, 80 percent never make it to 10 years. Ten is a magical milestone!

I am thrilled that 2014 marks KWA Construction’s 10th Anniversary. While it went by quicker than expected, our growth and footprint within the multifamily construction industry certainly proves that KWA has made its mark … as have the gray hairs I’ve sprouted since 2004. Nothing gives me more pride than seeing the success of both the owners and employees who have helped make KWA what it is today.

To celebrate KWA’s 10th year, I’m proud to introduce our 10-Year Anniversary Series, in which each month I will share with you some fun facts, interesting milestones, growing pains and victories that have shaped our company into what I dreamed it would become. Where else would I start this series than …

The Beginning:

I, along with some very close and trusted colleagues, founded KWA Construction in 2004. After decades of working within multifamily, commercial, retail and general construction, I knew the time had come to fulfill my life-long dream of building a construction business that functioned with the philosophy of treating clients, subcontractors and suppliers like family … like the way we would want to be treated. How would I measure our success? By celebrating 10 years with repeat clients, subcontractors and suppliers that have been with us since the beginning.

At the same time I was ready to start KWA, Warner Stone of Seneca Investments, for whom I had built many past projects, was seeking an opportunity that would provide him better control of his construction projects. Warner liked the idea of partnering with a general contractor that he trusted and knew would have his projects’ best interests at heart. He decided to provide our financial backing.

After securing an insurance broker through a connection with the Dallas Builders Association, it was time to open shop. With Warner, my long-time executive assistant-turned-project manager, the late Lyn Smith, KWA Construction was founded. Ten years later, I proudly blow out 10 birthday candles with Warner and Lyn in spirit, our amazing KWA employees, and clients, subcontractors and suppliers that have stuck with us from the beginning. We are proud today and hopeful of what’s to come throughout the next 10 years.