KWA Construction Completes Austin College Student Housing

Upperclassmen to arrive to new suite- and independent-style living options in August.

KWA Construction announced today the completion of new student cottages and apartment units for Austin College’s upperclassmen, a few weeks earlier than originally scheduled and well in advance of student move-in day on August 14, 2011. Junior and senior students will now have additional housing options, including the three-story apartment complex Flats at Brockett Court and the two-story cottage development Village on Grand. Both developments are unconventional when it comes to student-housing design and construction, adding a more neighborhood-type feel to the Austin College campus. Prior this new construction, Austin College’s housing totaled 910 beds to serve its student population of approximately 1,350. Now, with the first student housing construction in eight years, The Flats at Brocket Court and Village on Grand will increase residency by 182 beds.

The Flats at Brockett Court, located at 916 E. Brocket Street, adds 94 beds through the construction of 26 units on 1.7 acres of land. This complex provides another quality suite-style living option for junior-year students that must meet the three-year residency requirement. These units will be included in a campus-wide room selection process. Designed to be a “home away from home,” each unit is equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, and a washer and dryer. The units include several “green” features, such as energy-efficient appliances, showerheads, vinyl windows and light bulbs, to aid in energy and water conservation. In addition, sound mats and flooring insulation helps conserve energy and indoor sound quality.

The Village on Grand, located at 1100 Grand Avenue, adds 88 beds through the construction of 22 units on 4.1 acres of land. Like the Flats at Brockett Court, each of the Village on Grand units features fully furnished kitchens, as well as similar “green” features, like energy-efficient appliances, showerheads, vinyl windows and light bulbs. The Village on Grand is designed for senior-year students seeking independent-style living and, when possible, for students returning from study abroad.

KWA Construction was chosen by Austin College and the private consortium Kangaroo Housing Investors, LLC, to complete the two developments. Construction began in October 2010 and was completed a few weeks ahead of schedule with plenty of time for student move-in day.

Ron Cibulka, owner’s representative for Kangaroo Housing Investors, LLC, said, “We chose KWA Construction because they were able to provide the highest quality of construction within our budget.” He continued, “We have worked with KWA before and they always deliver on their promise. And because this was a unique and much-needed addition for Austin College, we needed that confidence in a builder.

KWA Construction Owner Keller Webster said, “We are thrilled to be a part of this new housing construction.” He added, “The two developments not only give Austin College the additional residency, but the buildings, especially the cottages of the Village on Grand, bring a unique and updated look with high-quality craftsmanship and construction that the residents, as well as college and city of Sherman officials will love.”

According to Austin College officials, the new housing additions were developed to help keep upperclassmen involved in campus life, while also providing them living quarters similar to that of post-college living.

Austin College President Dr. Marjorie Hass said, “We want to meet our current housing needs while strengthening residential campus experience. We are a close-knit learning community and this project helps ensure that more students are close to the many academic and extracurricular activities that make for our active campus life.”

Tim Millerick, vice president of student affairs added, “The new construction will extend the intentional nature of our housing program that allows our students to move from traditional to independent living arrangements while at Austin College.”

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