KWA Construction Launches Quarterly Project Superintendent Meetings To Benefit New Relations

In the construction industry, building new relationships starts long before breaking ground. Our company believes that caring for future projects, and its team of developers, architects, contractors and more, starts now. To put this belief into action, we recently launched a new series of quarterly project superintendent meetings that will turn feedback from our top leaders into two key benefits for future relations.

Internal Feedback for External Growth

Our quarterly project superintendent meetings are a time to listen. We want to hear the entire spectrum of comments our employees have to offer, from suggestions for developing training efforts to ways to ensure construction cost certainty. Because they are the frontline of operations, implementing our employees’ valuable insight into the company’s future strategies will greatly help set new relations up for success.

Creating Relationships With Strong Core Values

We recognize that new relationships are built on the understanding that a certain standard will be delivered throughout the life of a project. These quarterly project superintendent meetings are our way of upholding the core values that set us apart from other general contractors. We strive to exert excellence in our work, provide empowerment for our team, and offer the best in quality for every customer and partnership.

“We are already leading the multi-family industry in how we operate, yet recognize that each new relationship is an opportunity to take success to new heights,” said Richie Keene, Vice President of Operations at KWA Construction. “These superintendent meetings will be a great addition for climbing that ladder.”

In conclusion, our project superintendent meetings are to benefit not only the ones sitting around our table, but also the leaders we form new partnerships with every day.