KWA Extends Support to Communities Long After Construction

Although construction is KWA’s specialty, we take a special interest in supporting communities long after the building process is over. Some may call it philanthropy – we just call it being a good neighbor.

We understand that the best way to make a positive impact is to establish a relationship with the local community to better understand its needs. In honor of Arlington Commons, one of our projects currently under construction, we chose to address a big necessity in the city of Arlington – school supplies.

Last month, during our annual company outing to the Texas Rangers baseball game, we hosted a tailgate to which admission was granted with a school supply donation. Together we collected more than $500 worth of donated school supplies to support Mission Arlington, a local organization that helps provide supplies for more than 9,000 children per year.

“As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to continue to support the communities we helped build,” said Brian Webster, President at KWA Construction. “We believe it fosters a sense of unity, not only between us and the community, but also within in our workplace.”

This year also marked KWA’s eighth annual company service trip to the Samaritan Inn, the largest homeless program in Collin County. Samaritan Inn not only provides shelter during displacement, it also offers a comprehensive program that teaches self-sufficiency to help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. The staff at KWA is honored to get to serve so many families and individuals who are unmistakably focused on gaining their independence and improving the lives of others.

Because we recognize the value of our employees’ interests, KWA has established an employee-ran philanthropy committee which gives a voice to our staff and lets them choose the causes we help as a team. In addition to organized efforts, it is also company policy to offer our employees paid time off from work to volunteer.

We understand that every effort can make a difference, so whether we host a company blood drive to help someone in need or sponsor a Habitat for Humanity homebuilding project, our company-wide passion for supporting the community is accomplished in many different ways. As KWA Construction grows, so will its dedication to building communities, not only through its work but also through its philanthropic efforts.