KWA Helps Improve the Food Pantry Experience in Oak Cliff

As a member of the Texas Real Estate Council (TREC), KWA Construction’s President Brian Webster is helping improve the city we all call home.

As the largest and most influential organization of its kind in Texas, it was important for Brian and KWA to get involved with TREC. The organization provides members with the opportunity to spark community transformation, influence policy and develop connections that will impact careers and companies. Council members consist of developers, builders, architects, accountants, investment bankers and many other local professionals.

One of the many ways TREC gives back to the community is through charity, and this year, Brian and his fellow council members partnered with a nonprofit organization to transform the food pantry experience!

No longer will individuals and families be handed a box of prepackaged food from Harmony Community Development Corporation’s resource center in Oak Cliff. The Real Estate Council Foundation has provided grant money to convert the 2,450-square-foot food pantry into a grocery market, allowing visitors to make their own healthy food selections for a more personalized experience. Brian and his fellow TREC classmates also provided the labor services to renovate the food pantry, including construction, engineering and architectural work.

“This remodeled food pantry experience will give lower-income Oak Cliff residents the opportunity to learn how to build their own healthy grocery lists and in turn, start feeding their families more nutritional meals,” said Brian. “The best way to make a positive impact is to be a good neighbor, and we hope this model will benefit a lot of people.”

A spokesperson for Harmony CDC said the food pantry averages 450 visitors per week, but with the new model the market could see a 25 percent increase in people and families!