KWA resolves to increase fluidity in 2014

One of my favorite times of the holidays is participating in New Year traditions; some that have been around since the days of Babylon, and some that we’ve adopted over time in the southern United States. Specifically, I love setting New Year’s resolutions and eating black-eyed peas!

While I do set personal resolutions, like spending more time with the family, traveling to new places and teaching the grandkids how to use their hands to build something great, I also take time to reflect on the previous business year and set resolutions for our KWA Construction team. With 2014 marking our 10th anniversary, I feel an even greater urgency to identify one resolution/business goal that can carry us seamlessly into our next 10 years as a full service general contractor.

KWA resolves to increase fluidity

This year, KWA resolves to increase our fluidity, so as to better adapt to the rapid growth and changes within the multifamily construction industry. KWA has been blessed with an amazing team, impressive portfolio and incredible business relationships during our first 10 years. Now it’s time to tighten up internal and external communications, make essential process improvements to our robust project management system, and increase our ability to stay nimble and flexible throughout the life of a project. With these objectives in mind, KWA will achieve a fluidity that will keep us moving forward to new multifamily opportunities and prosperity for years to come.

From our KWA family to yours, Happy New Year! May you achieve all that you resolve to accomplish in 2014.