Marketing Beyond GREEN

Today’s apartment renters buy health over GREEN.

As the GREEN movement has dominated new construction and housing, today’s apartment renters now expect eco-friendly appliances, fixtures and amenities; eliminating “eco-friendly” as a big selling point. As reported in a recent “Indoor Air Quality: Low VOCs, High Reward” article, it’s time for multihousing property owners to start marketing health benefits over environmental protection.

Today’s renters likely understand the benefits of eco-responsible choices that a property owner makes when choosing washers, dryers, lights and windows for their apartment units. But renters may not realize that choices in paint, flooring, countertops and even furniture for their new home can directly impact their health, due to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). KWA recommends that property owners educate prospective renters on both short- and long-term health benefits determined by specific paint and finish choices, cabinetry, carpet, furniture and even front-office name plates. Check out some low-VOC interior alternatives mentioned in the article, like Benjamin Moore & Co.’s low-VOC paint system and Interface Inc.’s carpet tiles.