Five Ways to Secure Your Construction Project Site

An unsecured construction site is a playground for vandals and thieves. Vandalism to property or equipment and/or theft of building supplies and tools can be extremely costly. Copper pipes, air conditioning units, water heaters, shingles, and even trailers left on construction sites (among other supplies, tools, and assets) may be a temptation for vandals or thieves. Between the construction equipment on site, and the investment of the construction project, construction site security should be a priority.

How can you address construction security issues on construction sites? Here are five tips to ensure a secure construction site.

  1. Properly store equipment. Keep all unused tools and equipment secured. Construction vehicles should be locked and keys secured when not in use. Locks should be installed on fences and storage sheds.
  2. Authorized personnel only. Limit access to the site and provide site keys only to necessary personnel. If possible, provide only one access point to the job site. This allows you to closely monitor traffic to and from the site. All workers on the site should have identification and credentials to access the site.
  3. Use proper lighting. Keep the construction job site and areas around all trailers, access points and storage areas well lit. Motion-sensitive lighting is ideal, especially in areas that are out of public view. Oftentimes, lights are all it takes to deter criminals.
  4. Install adequate fencing. Properly fence the entire construction site and display “No Trespassing” signs generously around the site. A fence should not only prevent a criminal from accessing the construction site, but also prevent anyone who does gain unauthorized access from removing anything from the site. Barbed or electric wire and an alarm will also help deter thieves. If you are unable to fence the entire site, at minimum, install proper fencing around construction trailers and storage areas.
  5. Manage site and equipment effectively. Inventory everything and engrave or mark your company identification numbers on every piece of property. Assign responsibility for all assets on the project site to a particular person or team.

Cost of securing the construction site should be included in the overall project budget. Depending on past crime rates in the area, you may need to invest in hiring a security service to monitor the site on nights and weekends, when workers are not present.

With these tips in mind, assess your existing construction sites for any holes in security. How can you beef up security on existing and future project sites? An investment in construction site security is well worth it when compared to the potential cost of stolen or damaged property.

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