Taking First Steps

To highlight our anniversary, we reached out to KWA’s first-ever client, Andy Carnahan, to relive the celebration of KWA’s first project, The Sullivan, completed in 2005.

“The Sullivan was a great project,” said Carnahan, founder and president of Foresite Development Ltd. “Back when I was selecting a contractor for the project, I knew that Keller was a trusted businessman, whose handshake came with honesty and integrity. Those qualities were essential in my selection, as I was early in my career and still learning the process.

“I made the right decision choosing KWA,” continued Carnahan. “I’m proud to see the company celebrating 10 years, and I look forward to future opportunities to work together again. Happy birthday, Keller and team!”

About the Sullivan

The Sullivan is a 30-unit condominium property nestled in the northern Oak Lawn area of Dallas, Texas. The development is a fusion of modernity and tradition, featuring a unique blend of brick, steel and stucco that is reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.

The Sullivan was developed by Foresite Development Ltd., an active and successful participant in developing downtown Dallas real estate since 1998. Foresite is one of Dallas’ leading urban residential developers and has played a large part in revitalizing inner-city neighborhoods.

Check out our before and after photos of The Sullivan.