The Lyn Vaughn Scholarship

Spring 2015 marked the first semester that KWA Construction awarded The Lyn Vaughn Scholarship to a student enrolled in Texas A&M University’s Construction Science Program. KWA Construction President and Founder Keller Webster created this scholarship to honor the memory of his long-time friend and colleague, Lyn Vaughn, who worked by his side for 15 years.

Prior to founding KWA, Lyn worked as Keller’s administrative assistant at several different organizations. As she became more familiar with the business, she grew an interest in establishing her own career in construction.

Lyn went back to school to obtain her BS at the Texas A&M Commerce’s Building Construction department. She juggled raising two small children and working two jobs while taking classes in the evenings and on the weekends. As KWA’s first official employee she took on multiple roles, including executive assistant, office manager, and project manager as the business grew.

The scholarship given out in Lyn’s honor provides bright students with the ability to attend TAMU who might otherwise be unable to attend. It is only fitting that this year’s scholarship was awarded to Ian Tenbrink, a senior at TAMU. He has shown the same determination and perseverance as Lyn Vaughn while pursuing his undergraduate degree. Much in the same way that Lyn juggled school and personal responsibilities, Ian worked through high school and his time at TAMU in order to cover the cost of tuition.

As a recipient of the scholarship, he learned valuable leadership lessons from his experience as First Sergeant and Commander through the Corps which has primed him to become an effective leader in the construction industry. His experience at Texas A&M has been phenomenal thanks to the generosity of KWA Construction and the Lyn Vaughn Scholarship.