Are Architects Getting the Recognition They Deserve?

At KWA, we value the depth of work our architectural partners provide for our multifamily housing projects. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with the architects to fully understand their visions and any construction accommodations required to achieve those visions.

However, not all architects are met with such cohesive collaboration for every construction project. In fact, we’ve seen evidence that the term “architect” doesn’t hold the weight it once did. Today, the term is often used to describe a wide range of jobs, tasks and individuals that don’t always accurately describe the skill, talent and true purpose of an architect. And many people refer to an architect’s role as one who “draws buildings.”

Architecture goes far beyond simply drawing buildings, and the profession demands a deeper understanding. Architects are highly trained in their field, and they must qualify through specific accredited degrees that are design-oriented. Architecture Insights, an Australian-based website, is helping to set things straight for both the general public and aspiring architects, asking What Does an Architect Do?

So what is an architect?

According to Architecture Insights, “An architect is a trained, accredited and registered professional.” Let’s break this definition down into a little more detail.

Architects provide services that work in conjunction with the planning and design of a structure, as well as the construction, conservation, restoration or alteration of a building or group of buildings. An architect is involved in the building process from concept and design through completion of the construction. An architect’s range of duties may include research, writing, design drawing, communication and collaboration, and project management.

Some architects work individually, while others work in groups or firms with other architects. Regardless, architecture is a highly-skilled profession and qualification that is often simply misunderstood. Like other professionals, architects may feel undervalued and unappreciated. At KWA, we not only know full well the value that architects bring to all construction projects, but we also know that they are essential to our success and the success of our developers, no matter how large or small the project.

Are you an architect who is frustrated that people don’t understand what you do? How do you handle that frustration? Share your thoughts and tips with us!

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